Over more than three decades, Ashoka and our Fellows have managed, together, to identify, co-create, practice and promote several key solutions to the world's most pressing social problems en route to creating a world where everyone is a changemaker. These innovations span from the core insight from which Ashoka was created in the first place -- social entrepreneurship: building the field by identifying leading social innovators, Ashoka Fellows -- to further developments of this core idea, such as Infrastructure for the Citizen Sector, Group Entrepreneurship, Youth Entrepreneurship and, more recently, a series of new insights to emerging fields that defy the walls that divide sectors in society. Examples include: Empathy in Early Childhood, Nutrients for All in Rural Innovation and Farming and more.

For more details on each of these social solutions, please refer to the links below:

Social Entrepreneurship

Group Entrepreneurship

Infrastructure for the Citizen Sector

Youth Entrepreneurship

Start Empathy!

Making More Health

Rural Innovation and Farming