Nominate an Ashoka Fellow

Nominate a Fellow

Ashoka Fellows are practical visionaries who introduce, and fully commit themselves to realizing, an important, new idea. They bring to bear on the social problem a fresh analysis and insight about how to fix it. They get systems unstuck and open new opportunities for citizens to be changemakers. With creativity and entrepreneurial skill, they push ahead their idea until it changes a pattern through wide adoption, often over many years.

Ashoka teams use a standard selection criteria to gauge a candidate’s fit with Ashoka as an Ashoka Fellow. Drawing on national and global perspectives, our interview sequence explores a candidate’s life history of entrepreneurship and the idea’s emergence and likelihood for systemic impact.

Candidates must be able to give convincing answers to these questions:

  1. Is the idea new and scalable?
  2. Does this solution have the potential to affect systemic change at a national level?
  3. Is the person a social entrepreneur, with the necessary skills, dedication and ambition to develop their idea until it affects systemic social change?
  4. Is the person creative enough to overcome the barriers they will face?
  5. Is the person trustworthy?

We learn of candidates in two main ways: we actively look for them in fields ripe for change, and our community – you!  – continuously alerts us to social entrepreneurs for whom the Ashoka Fellow route may be appropriate.

We welcome nominations from any source, and candidates are welcome to nominate themselves. If you would like to make a nomination, please first read carefully the detailed five selection criteria and the selection process one-pager to make sure the nominee fits our understanding of a leading social entrepreneur.

Please send your nominations to our Venture team using this form.