Join the Ashoka Support Network

You established a successful career, surpassed many obstacles and gained significant skills along the way.

So what’s next?

You have the opportunity to join a global community of successful business people focused on changing the world. This community, the Ashoka Support Network, believes that entrepreneurs are the primary engine for economic and social change. ASN members engage with Ashoka by committing their time to support the work of Ashoka’s Leading Social Entrepreneurs.

Why Become an Ashoka Support Network Member?

  • the opportunity to “give back” to society in terms of skills and experience rather than just financially;
  • access to Ashoka’s global network of social entrepreneurs and opportunities to meet these world-changing individuals on a one-on-one basis;
  • participate in global events with likeminded people;
  • become a part of a network of successful businesspeople that may be leveraged to develop new ideas in either social entrepreneurship or business;
  • knowledge about new opportunities for “venture philanthropy”;
  • have a connection no matter where you go in the world.

Being an Ashoka Support Network Member

We believe that your experience, your networks, your knowledge of the private sector and your pragmatism are the key elements to encourage Ashoka and our Fellows to move forward.  Today the Ashoka Support Network is a global community of over 350 businessmen and women and our hope is that this number will continue to grow – as more bridges are made between the social and commercial sectors and walls are broken down.

We acknowledge that there is still a lot to be imagined and co-created, so do not hesitate to share with us your suggestions and comments.

For more information please contact us.