Group Entrepreneurship

Ashoka Fellows working together are creating a network of incalculable power. All around the world, Ashoka facilitates collaborations of Fellows so that they can learn from one another, share valuable knowledge and insights, and leave better equipped to advance their work.

As a result of global collaborations, Ashoka is able to distill the most effective patterns and unify them into a “mosaic”— a synthesis of the commonalities and intersections of key principles that guide Fellows’ individual solutions. These overarching mosaics are then disseminated globally, and form the basis of our programmatic initiatives specific to each field of work, such as youth development or the environment.

In this way, group entrepreneurship not only helps Fellows become more successful, but it also helps Ashoka identify cutting edge trends and implement them more broadly.

Ashoka fosters Group Entrepreneurship through our Felowship program, that engages our more than 3,000 Fellows worldwide as a community of practice built and activated by like-minded individuals. We also create new platorms to further enhance the opportunities for collaboration, such as the Ashoka HUB.

Ashoka HUB is an online exclusive intranet platform with social media and networking features that brings together all the Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Staff and Ashoka Support Network (ASN) partners to share knwoledge and exchange needs and offers, as well as publicize events and major happening in the citizen sector. To learn more about this tool, watch the video below: